Our History

In Haiti’s rich and diverse landscapes, Field Ayiti has emerged as a key player in the transformation of local agriculture. Our story is that of a passionate team, composed of agronomists, nutrition professionals, and culinary chefs, united by a common goal: to create a positive and lasting impact in Haitian agricultural communities.

At the heart of our mission is the desire to address the challenges affecting local agriculture. We have put in place a range of services to meet varied needs, from the processing of agricultural products to the development of nutrition projects, including agribusiness training.

Our agricultural product processing service promotes local harvests by creating nutritious and authentic products. For example, using powdered Joumou Ayisyen, we offer a practical solution for preparing a variety of traditional Haitian dishes.

The development and execution of nutrition projects reflect our commitment to community health. We collaborate with local and international partners to implement targeted programs aimed at improving nutrition and solving specific challenges faced by populations.

Our agricultural business incubator supports local entrepreneurship by providing a space for innovation and growth. Initiatives such as agribusiness training strengthen the skills of actors in the agricultural sector, thus contributing to more sustainable and profitable agriculture.

At Field Ayiti, the vision goes beyond the company. We aspire to make Haitian organic products a global benchmark while supporting local communities and promoting environmentally friendly agriculture.

Our story is one of a concrete commitment to a future where agriculture becomes a catalyst for collective prosperity. Join us on this adventure, where every action contributes to shaping a greener and more sustainable future for Haiti. Field Ayiti – For agriculture that transforms lives and builds a better future.

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