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Natural Akamil

Designed to meet the essential nutritional needs of the Haitian population. Akamil flour is the result of our commitment to combating micronutrient deficiencies, particularly iron, zinc and folate, which affect many communities in Haiti.

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Processing of agricultural products

Field Ayiti is engaged in the processing of Haitian agricultural products. Our approach aims to support local communities while preserving the natural wealth of the land. Join us in our humanitarian mission to promote healthy and sustainable diets for all.

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Agricultural business incubator

Within Field Ayiti, our agricultural business incubator provides a space for innovation and growth for local entrepreneurs. Our goal is to support and encourage the development of new agricultural businesses, by providing resources, mentoring and access to a strong network.

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Make ORGANIC products from Haiti a HUMANITARIAN lever

Each step of our transformation process is imbued with this humanitarian mission. We work closely with local farmers to showcase their crops and support their livelihoods. By choosing organic products from Haiti, you become a key player in our initiative, helping to create a positive and lasting impact.

By placing Haitian organic produce at the heart of our humanitarian mission, we are paving the way for a future where each harvest is a source of life and support for local communities. Our approach goes beyond simple agriculture; she embodies hope for a stronger, healthier and more prosperous Haiti for all.

What we offer

Each Field Ayiti service is designed with a practical approach, aiming to meet the specific needs of communities.

Commit to sustainable agriculture!

Join our mission for sustainable agriculture, optimal nutrition and a prosperous future. Together, let's cultivate change.

The most popular


Akamil is a humanitarian and social solution from Field Ayiti that fights malnutrition in Haiti, providing a vital source of nutrition to those who need it most. This flour is a harmonious blend of local cereals and legumes, with a major component of beans. Akamil is the result of our commitment to improving the nutritional health of Haitian communities.

Joumou Ayisyen

Joumou Ayisyen powder is a treasure of Haitian cuisine, prized for its nutritional richness and its delicate taste. It is carefully made from fresh, rigorously selected Haitian squash. Our transformation process preserves the natural essence of this emblematic vegetable of Haiti. Joumou Ayisyen powder is 100% natural, free of chemical additives and preservatives.

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